Town Government

Elected Governing Body

The Town of Vinton is chartered under the Town of Vinton Charter (PDF) as a council-manager form of government by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The elected governing body for the town itself is comprised of a Mayor and four council members.

The Town Council appoints the Town Manager as a chief administrative officer to oversee the daily operations of town services. The town manager has the authority to fill and supervise department head positions, who in turn manage the employees under their supervision.

Additionally, the Town of Vinton is a part of Roanoke County, and is represented on the Board of Supervisors by the Vinton magisterial district representative.

Mission Statement

The Town of Vinton provides valuable services to residents, visitors, and businesses through transparent, efficient, and responsible governance while protecting its unique character and values.

Vision Statement:

A safe and engaged community that is welcoming to visitors, with a vibrant atmosphere that promotes a high quality of life for residents of all ages and interests.