Guidelines for Citizen Participation

How to Request Placement on the Agenda

If you would like to present matters of concern before the Town Council, please submit a completed Request to Appear Before the Town Council form (PDF) to the Town Clerk at least five working days prior to the meeting. Citizens' concerns will be heard under the Citizens' Comments and Petitions item of the agenda.

Guidelines for Citizen Participation

In addition to silencing cellphones, showing respect for all speakers, and allowing all opinions to be expressed in a tolerant atmosphere, please adhere to the following guidelines when presenting before the Town Council:

  • Speak at the podium
  • State your name and address and if you are representing a firm, a group, or a corporation
  • Direct comments to Town Council members only
  • Please limit speaking time to a maximum of three minutes
  • Speak only once during a specific hearing or comment period

Please note: A wireless microphone is available to anyone requesting assistance.


The following actions are not allowed when appearing before the Town Council:

  • Bring any animals into the Town Council's chambers
    (except for service animals)
  • Campaign for public office
  • Debate among the audience
  • Engage in personal attacks
  • Promote private business ventures
  • Use profanity or abusive language