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1. What is a vehicle license fee (VLF)?
2. Do I still need a town decal for my vehicle’s windshield?
3. Although a town decal will not be issued, will I still be charged a fee?
4. Will I receive a bill in the mail for my vehicle license fee?
5. How much is the vehicle license fee?
6. When is the vehicle license fee due?
7. What happens if I do not pay my vehicle license fee?
8. If I have not paid a vehicle license fee for my vehicle, will I be required to pay for outstanding years?
9. Due to the Personal Property Tax Relief Act, I do not pay personal property taxes. Will I still receive a bill for a vehicle license fee?
10. If I move from the Town of Vinton, will I receive a refund for my vehicle license fee?
11. If I sell or dispose of a vehicle, can I receive a refund for my vehicle license fee?
12. I own a vehicle or trailer that is not currently operable. Do I still have to pay the vehicle license fee?
13. How does the Town of Vinton know when I purchase another vehicle?
14. What changes to my motor vehicle, trailer, or motorcycle require notification to the commissioner of the revenue?
15. I haven't lived in the Town of Vinton for several years, why am I still getting a bill?
16. Can I get a ticket for not taking off my old decal?
17. How soon after a change of location do I need to notify the commissioner of the revenue?
18. I haven't had this vehicle all year long, why is it still on my bill?