Stormwater Quality Information

Harming Our Drinking Water & Aquatic Life

Stormwater runoff and pollutants from most storm drains flow directly into our creeks, which in turn flow into the Roanoke River. The pollutants in the stormwater runoff come from many sources including:

  • Automobile fluids
  • Grass clippings and leaves
  • Litter
  • Pet wastes
  • Soaps from washing cars at home
  • Yard fertilizers

These and other pollutants are harmful to drinking water and aquatic life in creeks and in the Roanoke River.

Illicit Discharges

Illicit discharges are generally any discharge into a storm drain system this is not composed entirely of stormwater. The exceptions include water from fire fighting activities and discharges from facilities already under an NPDES permit. Illicit discharges are a problem because, unlike wastewater which flows to a wastewater treatment plant, stormwater generally flows to waterways without any additional treatment. Illicit discharges often include pathogens, nutrients, surfactants, and various toxic pollutants. Report any illicit discharges as soon as possible by using our online Request Tracker System or download, print, and send an Illicit Discharge Reporting Form (PDF).

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 540-983-0605.