Shop Vinton

Shop Locally

Shopping locally helps the Vinton community survive and thrive. Next time you are shopping, going out to eat, or looking for a fun activity, think Vinton first.

Benefits of Shopping Local

  • Enjoying Vinton's diverse locally owned and managed businesses
  • Helping independent Vinton businesses compete more effectively, thereby maintaining a broader range of products and services in the marketplace
  • Providing a portion of your sales tax to the Town of Vinton for public services in our community
  • Reducing the transportation energy consumption, costs, congestion, pollution, and time to travel to other destinations
  • Supporting local entrepreneurship to fuel economic innovation and prosperity
  • Sustaining local jobs and helping businesses employ your family, friends, and neighbors


Collectively, Vinton's retail businesses employ hundreds of individuals and add thousands of dollars to the local economy. The business community also provided over $3.3 million in various tax revenues to the Town of Vinton in 2010, representing about 46% of the town's overall general fund revenue.