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Smoke Detector Information
Smoke Detectors Save Lives
To request a smoke detector for your home, please contact the Vinton Fire Department at (540) 983-0629.

Tips for Smoke Detector Maintenance
Be sure to keep your smoke alarms working properly. Here are some helpful tips:
  • Test your smoke alarms at least once a month, and follow the manufacturer's instructions
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm once a year, or as soon as the alarm chirps, warning that the battery is low (hint: schedule battery replacements for the same day you change your clock back from daylight savings time to standard time in the fall)
  • Never borrow a battery from a smoke alarm - smoke alarms can't warn you of fire if their batteries are missing or have been disconnected
  • Never disable smoke alarms, even temporarily, because you may forget to replace the battery
  • Regularly vacuum or dust your smoke alarms following manufacturer's instructions to help keep it working properly
  • Replace your smoke alarms once every 10 years - smoke alarms don't last forever
  • Make sure that everyone in your home can hear and recognize the sound of the alarm and knows how to react to it immediately

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