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Posted on: July 18, 2017

Refuse Collection

Refuse Cans

The Town of Vinton wants to reduce litter and promote a clean, neat appearance in the neighborhoods, streets, business areas, and all around town. Residents and merchants can play a part in this effort when placing refuse out for collection by observing the following:

Put your trash in bags and put the bags in cans/containers with tight-fitting lids. This is to minimize the effects of animal activity or weather spreading loose trash into yards and streets. The Town suggests using cans of 32 gallon to 45 gallon size.

Refuse is to be placed out for collection by 7:00 AM on the morning of your scheduled collection day, but no earlier than 7:00 PM of the day before your scheduled collection day. The containers are to be taken in by 7:00 PM of your collection day and stored at the side or rear of the residence or business. Cans/containers are not to be left at the curb, street side, or collection point when it is not your collection day.

Please note the following Town ordinances regarding trash and debris:

  1. Section 78.2(a) of the Vinton Town Code states that the owner, lessee or occupant of every residence, building, or place of business must provide, at all times, suitable and sufficient sanitary refuse containers which shall be leakproof with tightfitting tops and handles.  In conjunction with such containers, other containers, such as plastic bags, of adequate strength to hold and retain all garbage and liquid substances, and whatever rubbish may be mixed therewith, from such building, residence or place of business.  If this is a rental property, the person who provides the trash containers is a civil landlord/tenant issue that the Town does not regulate.
  2. Section 78.2(b) of the Vinton Town Code states that the occupants of every residence, building, or place or business, shall deposit any refuse, garbage, liquid substances and rubbish of any sort to be collected and disposed of inside of a suitable container, described in Section 78.2(a) above.
  3. Section 78.3(a) of the Vinton Town Code states that you may place your refuse container(s) at your streetside property line or at the curb for collection, during the hours and days designated by the town manager.  At all other times, the containers must be kept at a location to the side or rear of a dwelling.

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